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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  June 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> suddenly i heard a aby cryyng. >> a three-month-old baby llcked in a sweltering car. where herrparents were and how the girl is doing tonight. >> aa an sucked oust his house by a powerful tornaad. i landed over there on the other side of where the white caa and big trre is. >> what he saw when he landed, and how much damage was done to his toww.3 ú% outstandinn temperatures or the entire work week. one chance we have for rain in the sky watch forecast. >> i am still waiting on them to come n he door. still waiting on them to come in the ddor. >> oof-duty police officer ires %-the legal trouble he cculd beú now. >> and a 12-yearrold bull %-mirrculous outcome of the viccous attack.
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>> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baatimore, thhs is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> good evening, i am jennifer gglbert. a teenager is charged with murder in the death of a toddler. it hhppened this weekend. annapolis, where police are releasing more details about th3 little girl's brutal death. melinda??3 >> police arrested the teenage suspect today. %-they believe he was dating the had been left alone with her ate some point. but police are still working to determine if anyonn else as home when the toddlle died.3 >> i can only say that the investigation is still ongoing. >> saturday morning, kara smith called police to report the daughter's death. when officerr arrived at the -partment. turner in the bed and obvious ttat she was murdered. >> evidence of multiple siggs oú
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trauma. including a fracturee skull, broken leg ann what we believe to be possibly sexual assault on the 2-year-old victim. >> mooday, they arrested 17-year-old timothy darnell height who they beeieve was the mother's boyfriend. he is now chargee as an adult with murder. it is unclear if the childds %-but noocharges have been filed yet. >> tte mother made statements to the police, to the detectives, i can tell you in ooe of the staaements ttat she alludeed to the fact that she wassnot home. >> meanwhile, neighbors ttat have learned of the crime are clearly upsett >> broke my heart. it is ridiculous. disgusting. pprson. >> police alsooare disturbeddbut pleased to havee ade an rrest. >> it is disgusttng and something that we, you know, as police officers we have to deal
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with. >> now, police say the motherú has two other children, both boys, whh have been placed in the ccre of aaother family member while this case s being live tonight in annapolis, melinda roeder, fox 45 news att3 10:00. >> thank you melinda. >> bizarre sight in southeaat baltimore is the sceee of a shooting investigaaion. this car crashee into a brick siin about 4:455this afternoon. %-aisquith street and new hope circle. inside of the car police found a man thaa was in shot in the ú%ey are still investigating ú%night. by an off duty bbltimore city police offfcer. tonight we finddout this is not the first shooting thh officer has been involved inn in fact, it is his third. crime and jjstice reporter joy lepooa with the lattst on thhs investigation. people accountable. whether it is bad guys with guns on the street or bad pooiie officers ith guns. >> tyroneebrown surviied two ú%but the former mmrine died ovr
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the weekeed. shot nine times at close range, by an off duty baltimore citt pollce officer. >> i will feel better if my ú%other died in iraq. >> police say it is not the3 first time the officer tssamba %-third. someonee it is the3 ii 1998 tshambb shot a man in the back. and department ruled it %-in 2005 anothee shooting. this time tshamba was off ddty. it was ruled justifiid but officer was disciplined for being intox indicateed and armed. now this shootingg again it is suspecteddalcchol ppayed role. even though gahiji tshamba reeused to take a breathalyzer. >> people that work in this area are still talking about what happened over the weekend. it is here wherr the former marine and off-duty police officer first came face-to-face. both had just left separate bars. it was around 1:30. supposedly brown pinched the
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rear end of a female with he at that point, an argument broke ú%n then witnesses say the police officer pulled out a handgun. fired 13 shots. i think, you know, you have to let the investigation take its course. >> i cannot accept officers actiig outsiie of the law. >> i sat down wwth a former fbi agent that told me firing 13 shots, is exceesive. >> beyond excessive forcc it is brutality. >> police officers are trainedú. buttons are pushed a great deal. >> off duty offfiers carryú handguns even off duty. but it is a known fact if an officer plans to drink, the gun should stay home. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news at >> well, o far, officer gahiji tshamba has yet to make a statement to police or prosecutors. tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30. we asked you if off dutyú baltimore ccty police officers should be required to carry
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their firearms.ú responses are almost split 50/50. ú% facebook, one iewer said no, they abuse it. kevin writes, yes, they haav to be ble to protect themselves in >> go to and let us know whattyou think. youucan also ssund off on facebook. end us a weet@foxbaltimoree ssnd us a tweet, nd foxx45 a for yes. fox 5 b no, noo edition" at 11::0. offenders that have violated payrool. state auuched a websste that features the tate's 25 most3 wanted parole and probation violators. the goal is to identify individualssthat are more prone to committing crimes. >> one missed appointment to the parole and probation agent, one dirt urine, one miised phone call, and aawarrant is requested and issued.
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>> offiiials reported 90 percent clearance rate for tracking parole viilators and hope the new website wiil improve those3 numbers. >> you can see the top 25. ú%err is a link on our websste. %->> well, this issa live look t the oil leak. hard to telllif anything is gettinggbetter t sure doesn't look like it from the pictures. bbt there is finally some sort offcaa on top of it. almost 50 days after the bp oil spill began.3 government officials say there3 is progress containing the oil. but as jennifer davis reports, getting id of the oil on the surface of the water will ake months. mexico, is starring to taper off.3 >> that's tte word from the president who met with his cabinet for an updateeon the bp3 oil spill. >> the top mechanism put in place is beginning to capture,ú some of the oil. >> coast guard admiral alan overseeing the government
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word that up to 462,000 gallonsh a day are captured. but president ssid it wonnt top -ntil relief wells are completed in a few months. >> it will take time. it is not easy. but this is a brilliant ecosystemm resilient people on the gulff3 coast. >> penalties leveled against bp aad governmenn will use its owns figureeto say determine thht. bb said it as paid out nearly 48,000,000 in cllims. ú%d government officials say the process still needs to be improved. >> that appears that may be cumbersome right now. %--he ability to handle claimsfy from businesses. widows that lost spouses in the3 explosion. despiie the incident they support offshore drilling. >> i know my husband said many
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men and women depend on this as a means to provide for families and provide our country with a commodity. ú% admiral alan said efforts to the fall but it will take years to get it out of the marshes and other habitat. jennifer davis foxxnees. >> national aquarium here in baltimore. workers are making room in some of the tanks for rescued sea life froo the gulf of mexico. as kathleen cairns reports, ú%uaticcexperts are oo standby spilled region if they are needed. >> thousands offvisitors converge on the national includeing the 6th graders from virginia. and their science teacher said3 the trip is timely consideringg the oil spill disaster in the gulf of mexiio. >> but withhthe oil spilling an3 going onshore it plays aabig role ii the wetlands. >> look at that fish jumping.
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>> thhy can understand they need to play a rrle with helping with the environmmnt. and keeping tragedies llke this from happeeing again. >> besides the life lessons. the aquariim sttff is also on notice. -> we are in daily contact with the fishery service, gettiig updates. >>the staff is busy reevaluating sppceeand preparing to clear out %-like these four turtles. endangered species rescued rom new england last winter, set to be releaseded in two weeks. making room potentially for that need help from the >> we are looking at the space we have. we have maay pools, thatpubllc don't see that we can house animaas in. >> this aauarium has 16,000úani. more than 750 speeces. standby, ready to go to theegulf ú% need theed. >> they knnw we have people that want to elp. experts with birds, with reptiles, withhfish. with maaine mammals w sea
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turtles. >> so this tourist destination -ay become a red cross of sorts3 may need help from thh gulf. >> we are prepared to be there -or the long haul. >> in downtownnbaltimore, kathleen airns, fox 455news at 10:00. >> the national aquarium inú baltimore is part of the marine mammal stranding etwork. vets ay they can handle as many as 10 sick animals at one time. governor.f tack ppin the race fr said he wants to create a small business bill of ights. he said lawmakers don't understand what business leaders need for success..3 >> ii annapolis today, you have more people than ever thht have nevee been in the private ú%u have more people today that do not understand it. what it takes to ire and expand
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your businnss. >> spokesman for governor o'malley called ehhlich's plan all alk, anddno actionn well governor o'malley plans to remind voters about his foor -ear tuition freeze during the campaign. by theeend. term in 2011 tooyoution we university of maryland will be $6700 a year. 3 percent increase. %-in 2007 tuition had gone upce year. ú%rlich said that o'malley's tuition freeze hurt higher education and costs need to be controllld. >> well, we are your source forú election nformation. get the latest information about the race for governor on our website. click on the vote 2010 is the bbtton in the news feature section. >> i go whht? wait a minute. what is wrong? you are having a heart attack. and i go holy cow.
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>> it turned out to be a heart the other symptoms that could be a sign o trouble. powerffl tornado. what he saw when he finally landed. >> suddenly i heard a baby cryiig. and i realized that there were no adults either in the car, that car, or to the right. >> stuck ii a scorching hot car. %-to save a child's took and where the baby's parents were. that's next, on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> looking at no severe wwather around here. beautiful conditions..3
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while it waa exttemely hot late last week..3 you reeember how hot it was? police say the temperature on the outside was probably 90 degrres. and higher inside of the car. weel, the good smaaitan that found the baby said it looked like she had a ssnburn. tonight, policc say it shoull serve as a warninggto parents. >> 4:30. the rooftop parking level at the rio entertainment center. aagaithersburg man pullld p to park aloogside of a convertibleú beatle, flower on the dashboarr got his attention.úú%but second. he was stunned. >> suddenly i heard a baby ú%d i realized that there were no adults either in the car, and i looked in and there was a small infant, in the backseat,
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ii a baby carrier, sweating profusely and looked very -- didn't look good. >> he interviewed the aahllticú club, asked them to all 911 aaú ran back out wiih a manager. and he tried to open up the roof, when that didn't work, i rear -- from my wheels and broke the window and thenni got the door open and took the baby out. eyes weee closing.3 >> man rushed the baby into the gym where they applied first aid. ú% we had taken a cool towel with water and cooled down the baby. put ce around the towel. and took the little pajamaa off the baby. ú%d it reacted better and eventually it let out aacry. and it started to llok good. but the baby had almost like a sunburn.3 %-it is unclear just how long t3 baby was left in the car. >> we know that the dad had driven to the rio entertainment
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center, and he was found inside of the center.3 >> but at this point, it is still under investigation as to the circumstances that caused this little aby girl tt be left alone. >> investigators tell us the 3 and a half month old baby girl was checked out at the hospital and sent back hooe with her parents. but the whole thing could have %-phone the good samaritannt not >>i felt like the baby was the hero. it had enough strength to cry. >> well, police describe the parents as remorseful. we're told it is against the law to leave a hild ttat young unattended in a car.ú but tonighttit is unclear -hether the father will face charges. it is all being evaluated by the state's attorney. >> city council is trying to control baatimore's budget. council is closing in on more than $20 million of taxes and feess but the piece of tte puzzle causing the biggest problems is pensions for police and firrfighters. and the introduction of the plan tonnght, not to bring any
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>> we want to work with the fire and pollce. but ww have to do oor responsibilities to the citizees of baltimore. and keep the baltimore city government functioning.ú >> i would just sayyto the citizens of baltimore. how would they like to come to work, every day, ann hearing what the newest take away is. >>well, accorddng to thattnew plan, city police ann fireffghters will have to work longer and contribute more beforr they are eligible to get a pension. but as john rydeel tells us, the %-backing down.can hhar, are not >> we all know that doing nothingg is not an option. >> mayor stephanie that she hopes willlcontrol run it calls for major concessions from police officers and firefighters. >> the city is alreedy grappling with the worst budget deficit iú and failure to address this pension crisis would be -bsolutely catastrophii. >> the plan calls for policeeand
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firefighters to worr, at least, 25 years before they are eligible for a pension. right now, they onlyyhave to work 20 yearss but those that ave already -orked, aa least, 15 years, would be exempted and cannretir3 >> thisshas been a growing problem, for 30 years. but we don't have another 30 years to fix it. we have to fix ittnow. >> but the union representing police officers, said those changes go too far. and should only apply tt new %->> we are not opposed to movig to 25 out, ustainability plans. but you have to do with future employees. intense scrutiny several years ago. when then deputy commissioner brown became ccief of maryland's trannportationnauthorrty police. and the deal initiated byú governorro'malley brown was allowed to start receiving an annual city pension of $55,000. even though he was three years shy of serving the 20 years requiredd >> but today union leaders say
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they are focussd on preserving existing beneffts of those working..3 >> unions representing police officers and fireeighttrs, say3 if the city council passes the revised pension bill as is, the3 will still seek overturn it in federallcourt.3 contractual violation.aú >> the mayor said if the plan s not adopted, the city would be forced to pay another $65 million into the system this year. city's deficit, to $185 million. innbaatimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and under the plan police and firefighters would hhve toú conttibute 4 peecent more to the retirement system ovee the next four years. >> the queen of the white house ú%ess corps resigned this comments. >> any comments on israel? >> tell them to get the heck out of palestine. >> where should they go? >> go home. >> where is home? >> olaad.
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germany. >> that remark by newspaper columnist helen thomas. it was maae durinn an interview with rabbi last month. and thomas posted an apology on her personal website. that was not ennugh. house in 1960. and covvred 10 presideett. >> new details are merging tonight in the deadly tornado thha swept through northwest ohio this weekend. the video of the damage and the stories of the lives lost are heartbreaking. police in lake township say five people were killed. and as people thhre assess the damage, they begin the long and hard road ahead. the work of cleaning up. from the air wwde spreadddamage as far as the eye can see. homessflattened. only piles of splinterinn wood left behind. local high chool left in ruins. juss hours before the graduation ceremony was to begin. overturned school buses innthe parking lot showing the extent of mmther nature's ffrry.
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twister pulled doug louman from the sscond floor of the home before ripping it to piece. >> i lanned over here on the other side of where the white car and big tree is. and what i -- when i sat up i saw he tornado headed east and all of this. >> well, the police chief comparing the aftermath to a war zone. in lake township somewhere inge the range of $100 million. >> well, we had perfect weather but enjoo it while it lasts. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the sky watch forecast. vytas. >> amazing damage from the video maybe e f3 to e 44 strennth %-pptentially with the storm tht pushed through parts of ohio. one deadly storm. thank oodness we did not see %-we saw the front push through the area. yesterday it was associated with that same storm system thatú pushed throughhthe ohio river valley. but it looks like for us, we got gusty winds and storms. -e had a few tornado warnings
10:24 pm
out of it in a couple of counties but no severe damagee3 -rom that ooking at the hd radar. %-notting goinggon.ú -itting at 72 right noow 71 in dv 67 in hagerstown. and went from northwest. front pushed throogh bringing in less humidity. comfortable temperatures. andnize nice breeze from the northwest. so it adds up to be comfortable temperatures. tonighttwe can see, mainly clear skies. tomorrow plenty of sunshinn for tte morninggcommute. riiht at 62. by lunch time looking at 74. and pleasant. with plenty offsun. things will be changing by mid week withhthe chance for thunderstorms. and show you when it will get here, coming up in tte ffrecast. -> thank you, vytas. >> baltimore students get a hands-on experience hhlping to clean up the waterways. 35 westport middle students wore boots to plaat grass. it will create wetlands to clean up baltimore water frontss3 >> make the water clearer, and %-fish, and birds and otherr
10:25 pm
animals. and get us closer to the goal of cleaning up the harbor. >> 16,000 grass plugs will be planted at the watershed by the end of the month in this project. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. trouble in the ring. a 12-year-old versus huge bull. we will show you how it ended. >> there are real problems with having one size fit all ssandards. >> a claah in the classroom. how national ♪
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my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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love. nationwide. are expectee to raise the bar for students. but critics say it will lead to more testing. firing of teachers, and failure3 among already struggllng students. in tonight's cover story, kkren parks takessa look at the
10:29 pm
classroom clash over the new standards. >> here at highlandtown elementaryy3 >> you guys are reat. ú% will finish the activity. >> for the 6th graddrs, end f the year draws near. >> look at b. >> out with the old, and in witt the new. >> raise your hand. ú%at do you do first? >> challenges, that is. >> my job is to meet the challengess and meet the needs of the students and do whatever i cannto make sure they are successful. >> next year, teachers like amber clemens will have to meet a noisette of challenges called common standards. >> they ill want to make sure that all students are college ready or career ready. >> in 2001, congress paased a "no hild left behhnn" school reform law that requires all -he new push spearheaded by the national governor's association seeks to reform that debate by implementing standards that are uniform nationwide.3 >> they are really trying to integrate reading and writing. making it more of a combinedú
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effort. teach reading and then writing. i am definitely bumping that aspect of it. >> the reform established a siigle set of ccear educational arts and mathematicc that states can share and voluutarily adopt. >> every state has had a different set of standards. and we have not hhd any state which is truly embraced international standards. and the competition for students now will not be married or be the u.s. it will be international. >> aryland has endorsed the common corr standards that put the state school system in line to qualify for a share of thee3 $4.35 billion grant money. so far, only texaa and alaska have pted out of the program. >> we have a national benchmark of rigor. >> the doctor is chief academic3 officer for baltimore city schools. >> the challenges, with tte common corps is letting
10:31 pm
everybody know the worr does not end there. >> baltimore city graduation rate was 62.7 percent last year. out of the graduates,3 47.5 perrent went on to college. >> i think the larggr question that even parents and community members want to know. are we educating our kids to be ready o entee anddcontribute in real viable and producttve wayss i think, this will get us cllser toothat not the whole answer but part of it. >> critics say tte standards leed to more testing with systems already nundateed with paperwork and other assess andúh having one-size-fits-all standards. >> he had wood miller represents the alliance for childhood. he said tte common corps standards is an easy way out. and it won't work for kids, or teachers. >> if the kids don't measure up according to the, you knnw, what the test score said, teachers will lose their jobs. principals will get fired. schools closed.
10:32 pm
what is wrong with that? the tests don't often measure whht they are supposed to measure. tougher standards, pushing for positiie outcomes. some teachers don't mind. >> we're doing the best not for so no matter what standards are in front of us, we are in the business offteaching. and that's what we will do. >> karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. ú% the state board is expectee to give the final approval of the new standards later this summerr.3ú new stateecurriculummis expected to be eady foo state board adoption, in june of 2011. >> i go what? wait a minute. %-you are having a heart attack. and i go holy mackerel. >> what that man thought his ú%lment was and the unusual ú%mptoms you should know about. that could be a warning for a heart attack. >> a 12-year-old boy gored in the bull fighting arena. how this heroing ordeal enned.
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>>well, reallyygreet weather today. it doesn't get much etter. >> one of those days you have a hard time being inside. ú%u want to get ootside and enjoy. take a walk. go to the park. do something fun. if you like ttday and you were %-looks like anotter fabulous d. plenty of sunshine. aad it looks like comfortable temperatures as well. hd skycam downtown inner harbour. -abulous connitions, 66 degrees. winds are calm. and humidity levels only at ú% percent. those are pleasant conditions. one oo the nights that you may be able to cutoff the air
10:36 pm
conditioning. crack open the windows, let inú the fresh air and pleasant night overnight. scattered clouds out there. fair weather cumulus clouds. blue sky. and temperatures on the almanac page with a high of 78. lowwwas 56. and we haa a high record high of 96 degrees back in 1999..3 and it looks like we will not see any 90s any time sooo bbt we will get the temperatures working back into the upper 80s potentially into the nexx weekend. ú%minggup. sooheat moves back in. normal temperatures around 81. so we are near the ballpark of where we should be thii time of year. tempeeatures, the highs across the state. in the upper 70s. looking at 81 degrees in -rederick for the high. 77 in salisbury. and so it looks like some heat was out there. but for the most part. northwesttflow of air helped us on the cooler track. across the staae lowwr 70s. 50s in the mountains, lower 50s oakland and garrett county at 52. nice cool air. we will contiiue to see the northwest low iving us clear3
10:37 pm
conditions. front pushiig over the atlantic. in fact,,you can see a leadingú edge of cloud cover here. extending over the atlantic in a very fine line, wedge of clouds, that will continue to push over the atlantic.ú but back west, high pressure is over ohio. and paats of pennsylvania that allow for us to stay dry through the night onight. and tomorrow and we will start to see changes moving in from the west. futuue scan shows clear conditions omorrow. sunshine. keep the sunglasses hand and he showers building n. on wednesday.rnoon. but the better chance for the late afternoon.we go into and thee into the evening. as the front mmves through. so it looks ike ww will have the week. 77 eastern shore. norrhwest wind at 10. beautiful day in easton and deny tonight central ortion of the state the same. 78. with the northwest wind at the state. we will also see the temperattres in the mid 70s. with the northwesterly winds at
10:38 pm
ffve to 10. then downtown forks tonight looking at 65. mainly clear skies. beautiful night. and then for ttmorrow, expect to see the niceeconditions down in inner harbour. and ith temperatures right around 78 to 79 degreess3 then there is the five-day forecass. that shows the chances for showers and thunderstorms working in, probably wednesday morning. 2:00, probably see some showers3 and thhnderstorms. maybe heavy onns at times. temperatures down to 71. and 800on thursday. as warmer air mmves in.ú maybe a trailing morning shooer. but may see afternoon unshine. friday decent. slight chance for a shower friday night. on saturday mostly cloudy andd3 temperatures around 85. climb into the weekend.rt to jennifer? >> the youngest bull fighter in mexico ccty finds himself inú trruble in the ring. 12-year-old riveea raloss his footing. look at that.
10:39 pm
whileebattling this bull in mexico city'ssmain ring. bull charged at him. knocking him to the ground. that almost 850-pound bull was quickly pulled away from the boy..3 amazingly he suffered only -ruises. he has been bull fighting since he was just four years old. >> well, 7-foot alligator breaks into a floriia middle school.ú it hhppened outside of tampa. just as the kids were arriving for class his morning. and an announcement went oot to the teechers to watch for the ú%tor. and the wildlife rescuers wwre able to use a special pole to grab the gator and get him out offthere before the kids were inside of the building..3 well they say it is not uncommon to find alligators around there because that school is right allng he river. >> primarily the most importann thing that i an tell you is stay away when you see them. obviously do not feed them. -> good advice. %-have spent the weekend at the
10:40 pm
school. >> chrysler issrecalling almost %-wranglers.vans and jeep all because of brake or wiring problems. the jeep wranglers from 2006 through 2010 model yyars could have a brake flute leak. 2008 and 2009 dodge grand caravan and chrysler town n' country minivans recalled because of a wiring problem that could cause a fire inside of th3 sliding doors. chrysler will notify wners andú dealers about the repairs. %-wait a minute. you are having a heart attack. and i aid holy mackerel. >> the common symptom this guy had for years that turned out to be a symptom of something so much worse. >> and anni-phone ♪
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10:43 pm
my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> unbeeievable. ache in your ear lobe can be a -ign of a heart attack. well that's not the only warning pain in tte right arm..3 hand numbness. and what may seem liie heartburnn john rival is a county commissioner in minnesota, for the pass 10 years he suffered from a burning sensation in his
10:44 pm
throat. even went to the doctor about %-and they all thought it was heartturn. then one night he woke up at 3:00..3 that burning sensation got >> what? wait a minute? what's wrong? he said you are having a heart attack. >> well here is one kky to help ú%u sort out whether that unusual symptom is reaaly3 anytting to worry about. if the symptom gets worre, when you are doing a strenuous activity. by all eans, ou should definitely get it checked out. makeover.s i-phone gets a in tonight's "word on the web", judy kurtz reveals the gadget's new features and how muchh3 i-phone fans can expect to pay. judy? >> after months of speculation, apple unneiling the latest i-phone today. company said the i-phone four i3 the last version. just debuted device has a amera on the front use fodvideo chating and has a camera and
10:45 pm
video. ceo jobs is pumped about the new product.3 >> this is beyond doubt, the most prrcise thing, one of the most beautiful things we have everrmade. glass, on the front and rear, and stainless steel running around. and the precision of which this is made, is beyond any consumer product we hhae ever seen.ú >> i-phone four hits ssore shelves on june 24. the 16 gig version costs about $200 with a two-year at&& contract. the 32 gig wiil run under $300 with a service man. and you can be the first to know about breaking news and severe weather and traffic witt mobile get text alerts right on your phone. sign up now on fox baltimore.coú or text wbff to 45203. %-tonight's "wwrd on the web". >> the orioles pick third overall in tonight's amateur
10:46 pm
baseball draft.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it lookk like aafabulous day setting up for tomorrow. with plenty f sunshine. drop a few degrees on wednesday. showees and thunderstorms.noon rainy day. lingering into thursday morning. ttmperatures at 80. 81 friday.
10:49 pm
plenty of unshine. cloud p later in the day. slight chance ffr a shower to 85 ssturday with mostly cloudy skies. and sunday and monday temperatures warm into the mid but we ill sse afternoon pop up showers nd thunderstorms. back to you jennifer. >> all right, thank you, vytas. >> off night for the orioles but baseball's amateur draft. bruce cunningham joins us with detailssii "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". after snappiig the 10 game losing streak on sunday, the or dells did have the thirr overall ú%ck in the draft. show you who they seleeted coming uu. >> and controversy in owen's week's mini camp citing a violation of workout rules. tell you what led to this and where the ravens go from ere and showcaseethe very best n our pllys of the week countdown. but were these good enough o crack the top 10? "sports unlimited" starts right now.


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